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Eduards Dzenis

Born in Latvia, he became interested in art about the age of ten while iso­lated on a farm and gained his knowledge of art through illustrations and reproductions in magazines and books. He studied six months under a pri­vate teacher and then entered the Latvian Art Academy in Riga. He gradu­ated from the Academy in 1933. In 1937, for further studies of art he travelled to Belgium, France and Germany. He lived in Sweden from 1944 to 1951 and took part in collective exhibitions and arranged solo shows for other artists. He came to Canada in 1951 and worked as a commercial artist doing mostly illustrations. In fine art he was influenced by French Impressionists and later worked towards a personal expression. Working mostly with pastel also mixed drypoint acetate and oil on board, he pro­duced work which was exhibited at the RCA, OSA, and Spring Shows of the MMFA exhibiting subjects of horses, fishermen and beach scenes. He also took part in the Annual Winter Exhibition at the AGH; 2nd Annual CNE of Sports Art when he received an Ontario Regional Award; Hart House and the John Ross Robertson Gallery. In 1967 he won the Latvian Cultural Foundation Award. Living in Toronto in 1978. Affiliations: O.S.A. He is represented in the Malmo Museum, Sweden and private collections.

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