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Eriks Dzenis

When Erik draws a fine line, he makes it look easy. His ability to capture a likeness in the first few seconds of drawing is where the composition takes shape; and from there, the sky’s the limit. His artistic discipline is the human form – in any setting. He is a master artist in various mediums and is well known for his classic oil portraits.

Born in Latvia in 1925, Erik began drawing when he was a child. He joined the Acedemy of Arts in Riga, where his artistic vision developed. During WW2 as part of the resistance, his talents helped him get through tough times and close calls. He met his wife-to-be Aija in Donauworth, Germany and they immigrated as political refugees to Canada, where Erik has since earned a successful living with his talents.

In 1950, he was hired by TDF Artists Ltd and over the next 27 years Erik’s commercial illustrations appeared in many nationwide ad campaigns. Recognition of his artwork opened doors and by the 60s Erik was drawing and painting the dancers of major ballet companies. The art of dance became his study for the next 30 years.

Mr Dzenis resides in Thornhill, Ontario, where he is still busy at work in his studio.

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