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Eugene Eizenis Janitis

Born 1911 Latvija, studied and received his BArch (honours) University Riga, while spending his formative years pursing art studies as well at the  University Riga. During this period he concentrated his studies on the human figure as art, and also landscape painting under the direction of professor Vilhelms Purvitis (1872-1945) of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Then he extended his art studies of the human figure with Janis Ansons (1888-1935) Art Studio in Riga.

He then went to Germany and  received his PhD in Architecture at the University of Hanover, Germany. Following the war years he emigrated to Canada in 1948. Here he devoted his energy in the establishment of his professional practice of architecture. His artistic studies were limited to sculptural and special investigations related to and incorporated within building projects.

He evolved a broader approach to his art through the influence of friend and confidante, Jordi Bonnet in Montreal. It was under his guidance that he developed an interest in relief and three dimensional representation of image and expression. His influence led him to use a variety of sculptural techniques, eventually turning him to bronze as an expressive medium.
Throughout his life he has appreciated a world rich in natural sculpture and of infinite form. It is a force by which he has always been humbled. His work, he believes, shows the influence of his love of nature, of the human body, and particularly the ”northern experience,” the tranquility, the shape of the lakes, the undulating rock formations of the pre-Cambrian shields, the ever-pulsating inner forces responsible for creation. He also believes as a sculptor he must use shape and substance to convey the images of the events that he wishes to depict.

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