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Janis Tidemanis

Born October 1, 1897 in Ventspils, died April 12, 1964 in Toronto. Painter. One of the few modernists 1930 Latvian painting. Traveled on ships, attended art school in New York and Cleveland. Professional education acquired in Antwerp - first, the Royal Academy of Arts (1922 - 1927), then at the Higher Institute of Art under I. Opsomera (until 1934). Individual style of painting close to the Belgian Expressionism, along with demonstrated interest in the old masters. Characterized by expressive, temperamental, painting, bright colours and strong contrasts of light typify, dark backgrounds, the main means of expression. He painted the city landscape, figurative compositions, portraits, still life (flowers). One of the first Latvian art turned modern city strands (ports, markets, boulevards, carnival, crowd themes, sports theme), captured the image of contemporary city woman. He worked in the oil medium and produced large scale etchings. Emigrated in 1944 (Germany, Switzerland, Canada).
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