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Yvonne Vaar

Yvonne Vaar exposed her first black & white film in 1980, while studying in Perugia, ltaly. Until then she was an abstract painter and a cinematographer.

Since 1981 her photographs have been shown In more than 100 exhibitions and over 120 fine art photography magazines, books and newspapers have published articles about Yvonne and featured
her work.

Her lmages can be found in numerous public and private collections (Biotiothèque Nationale in Paris, The Winnipeg Art Gallery in Canada, Galerie Municipale du Château d'Eau in Toulouse, France. The Lanfranco Colombo Collection in ltaly, The Union Bank of Finland, Maxx Films Collection in Toronto, Musée Les Abattoires in Toulouse, France, The Gernsheim Collection in Switzerland...)

Yvonne lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

Camera Canada No56 1983 & No68 1986

British Journal of Photography Annual (London) 1984 & 1985

Artinubria (Italy) No10 1986/87

Reflex Foto (Rome) March 1987

Photo Sélection (Québec) No5 1987

Foto-Scene (Frankfurt) No6 1987

Fotopratica (Milano) No228  1987/88

Focus (Amsterdam) No1 1988

Photography for the Art Market, Amphoto (New York) 1988

Fotopratica (Milano) No243 1989

Fotografi (Oslo) No3 1989

Nikon-News (Switzerland) No1 1989

The Photographic Journal (England) No9 1990

Leica Fotografie International (Frankfurt) No8 1990

Photo Digest (Toronto) No1 1990

FotoMagazin (Munich) No8 1990

Photo Bläter (Frankfurt) No6 1990

Right Brain / Left Brain Photography, Amphoto (New York) 1994

British Journal of Photography (London) No7034 1995

La Forografia Actual (Barcelona) No51 1995


1981 "il fotoautore" '81 Rome, ltaly

       "Black & White Sight" Gallery Factory 77, Toronto

1982 7th Helsinki Exhibition of Photographic Art, Finland

       Burton Gallery of Photography, Toronto

1983 Asahi Shimbun travelling exhibition of photography, Japan

       'Perugia Città Anche Mia" Perugia, ltaly

       Edwards Books and Art, Toronto (solo)

1984 Rencontres lnternationales de la Photographie, Arles

1985 Palazzo dei Priori, Perugia, ltaly (solo)

       Galerie Vrais R0ves, Lyon, France (solo)

       Columbus Centre Art Gallery, Toronto

       Canadian Cultural Centre Gallery, Rome, ltaly (solo)

1986 "Colori nel Mondo" Perugia, ltaly

        Phtographs transmited to the Venice Biennale from Toronto as a part of Canadian participation in the international electronic cultural exchange.

       "Image '86" Toronto

1987 "Premio Florenzi '87" Colombella, ltaly

       Latvian Cultural Centre Gallery, Toronto (solo)

       "lmage'87" Toronto

1988 "2os Encontros da lmagem" Braga, Portugal (solo)

       "Arles Spontan" Nikon Live Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland

1989 Museum of Saaremaa, Kuresaare, Estonia (solo)

       "Effets Speciaux" Villeurbanne, France

       XI West Coast Latvian Festival art exhibition, Los Angeles

1990 Galleria ll Diaframma, Milano, ltaly (solo)

       Kiek in de Kök Museum, Tallinn, Estonia (solo)

       Galleria ll Filo d'Arianna, Ponte San Pietro, ltaly(solo)

       Galleria Bel Ami lmmagini, Como, ltaly (solo)

1991 'Eté Ephémere 91 " Festival d'Art Contemporain, Huy, Belgium

        "Photo Art I991 " lnternational Arts Festival, Heidelberg, Germany

1992 Collezione Lanfranco Colombo, Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, ltaly

1993 Latvian Association for Photographic Art: Riga, Latvia (solo) and Liepaja, Latvia (solo)

l994 "ll Faut Rêverl" Galerie Vrais Rêves, Lyon, France

       Exhibitions in Vilnius, Kaunas & Klaipeda, Lithuania. (solo)

1996 Museo Civico, Palazzo Farnese, Piacenza, ltaly (solo)

1998 Foto Biennale, Enshede, The Netherlands

2001 "Contact '01" Festival of Photography, Toronto (solo)

2002 La Galerie du Centre lRlS, Paris, France

        Dailes Teatris, Riga, Latuia

       "Journées de L'Image Photographique" Lyon, France

2006 La Galerie Fait Sa Foire, Lyon, France

2008 Valmiera Museum, Valmiera, Latvia

2009 "foto" Grafia, HAT's Photo Art Gallery, Alessandria, ltaly (solo)

       Madona Museum, Madona, Latvia

        Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Canada

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